Beloved and Missed by Many

Kim was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in June of 2018 while in Sydney, Australia. He underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment during the following 11 months, never giving up hope. He passed away on May of 2019, surrounded by his wife, children, sister and brother-in-law.

His heart and passion for art touched people around the globe. Many people miss his social media postings of artwork highlighting paintings from notable galleries. Some have commented that they were able to see art, and even life, in a new way through his posts.

Most of Kim’s art has not been professionally photographed or cataloged as he was meticulous about framing and storing finished work. Beyond the pieces that were exhibited is a massive amount of drawings, sketches and unfinished paintings. His wife is now in the process having professional digital files prepared and some prints will be available in the near future.