Art Education

Kim is a gifted teacher who has the ability to draw out the strengths of each student, and guide them in the development of their technique and style. He has worked with students of all ages and ability levels, using a variety of media in both drawing and painting.

Kim begins with the fundamentals of drawing and design such as composition, perspective, depth, proportion, contrast, value, pattern, and texture. Add to that an understanding of color, light, rhythm, movement, and harmony and you’ve got the basics.

The basics are only the beginning though. Each student must hone their craft through dedicated practice and advancing through a variety of challenges to expand their understanding. All students benefit from the individual instruction given to each student according to their needs.

Students may choose their own subject matter and media or ask for suggestions.

“I paint from the heart and I teach from the heart. In my own artwork I try to capture a hidden quality I perceive in God’s creation; the heart that is expressed in every leaf, blade of grass and flower. Not in a detailed, literal way, but in a way that communicates emotions.”